Tell your stories vividly. Emotional wedding videography with a cinematic approach and upbeat editing style.

From wedding films to travel diaries and beautiful videos of moments in life. We are wedding videographers based in Italy, and we are ready for adventures around the world!

I'm Davide

Italian wedding videographer

A professional destination wedding videographer Italy. I have the passion of telling unique love stories, capturing and conveying emotions of your big day! As one of the local Italian wedding videographers my goal is to create a film capable of making you live that day’s emotions again even after 25 years. I could be your wedding videographer Tuscany, Puglia, Amalfi coast and abroad.

Featured films and love stories

Turkish/Italian wedding at villa Grandinetti

Wedding at Masseria San Nicola | Puglia

Ritratto sposi a borgo saverona

I love couples who enjoy travelling, just like me!

Apart from filmmaking, travelling is one of my greatest passions. Beside that I love knowing people of every nationality, with different habits and religions. As a wedding videographer I've been fortunate enough to work with some amazing couples getting married at the most amazing wedding venues in Puglia, Tuscany and across Italy. This is why I work as an Italian wedding videographer all over Italy and the world, what matters is that you are attracted by my wedding films.

Are you planning your destination wedding in Italy? Whether it is in Puglia, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Rome or in any other part of the world, don’t worry, for me there is no distance that cannot be travelled. I’m based in Italy but I do speak English and Spanish quite well and I'm available to produce a beautiful wedding video for you all over Europe.

Masseria San Nicola Puglia
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Why Italy is the best place for your wedding?

Destination weddings have a certain charm and timelessness attached to it. Italy is the land of love. The greatest love story, Romeo and Juliet was set in here. Italy has so many wonderful wedding locations that you would want to get married or have your elopement in all of them. Italian food, the wine, the culture everything is amazing. So, yes, it is the perfect place for your destination wedding. You are sure to create some beautiful and special wedding memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life, thanks to my wedding videography Italy.

And, the plus point is: you don't need to book another package for a honeymoon because Italy serves both purposes.

I will film the best memories for you while you enjoy your Italian wedding day experience.

Kind words from our wedding couples

Tenuta Calivello

The person came for first

Davide was the first person we contacted and we immediately understood that he had to be our videographer one humble person a unique professional who can understand the needs of the spouses and what they really want. In the slightly "embarrassing" moments while he is shooting he always manages to make you feel at ease and it is something that not everyone does. If I were to marry another 100 times I wouldn't have any doubts about who to choose as a videographer.

- Denis

Best wedding venues in Puglia

A genius

An artist, he expresses his passion, his talent and his personality in whatever he does. Very humble and kind Davide is a great videographer and for this reason we would choose him 1000 other times, for his sympathy, for his availability but above all for his skill. He gives the best of himself and the results are visible, meticulous in all choices and perfectionist in the smallest details, always in search of perfection. Really satisfied!


testimonials - luisa

An excellent professional

With Davide we have satisfied two essential criteria for us, professionalism and the human side. Our video is gorgeous and exciting. He was able to tell everything we cared about becoming a point of reference during the day. His presence in the day becomes essential, with a glance he is capable of instilling infinite seriousness and with his jokes he is able to dampen situations and embarrassing moments. He is extremely nice and stands out for his empathy and sensitivity, characteristics that few people have. We will never stop thanking him for allowing us to relive those emotions.


Bride and groom posing to wedding videographer at night in Italy

Not just a videographer

Davide took care of every aspect of our wedding film, from when we chose him to the moment of delivery. Davide loves to discover everything that lies behind a simple couple who decide to get married and knows how to tell it in his videos, without resorting to artifice or particular effects, he does it with simplicity, spontaneity and truth. I like to call him not a videographer, but a storyteller. Because every time I review our video, I will not only remember that August 27, 2019, but I will retrace our entire love story with my mind!


Best wedding video in Tuscany

Why should we be your Italian wedding videographers?

I love strange couples, the creative and romantic ones.

This is why my wedding films always show real emotions and love. No kind of invention.

I love feeling part of the wedding, being almost a guest.

Rejoicing in happy wedding moments and crying in sad ones. I often feel excited while I’m filming a moment.

Emotion is one of the feelings that distinguish my job that’s why I know if I weren’t really excited, I couldn’t tell a true wedding story. This is why if you’re getting married and looking for an Italy wedding videographer capable of telling the emotions you will feel during your wedding, here I am.

Villa San Martino - Puglia destination wedding

How Much Does Wedding Videography Cost in Italy?

If you're planning a wedding in Italy, you may be wondering how much you should expect to pay for a professional wedding videographer. The answer, of course, depends on several factors, such as the location, the length of the video, the style of the videographer, working hours and more.

On average, wedding videographers in Italy charge between €2.000 and €4.000 for their services. However, keep in mind that this is just an estimate and prices may vary depending on the specific details of your wedding. Some videographers, for a luxury destination wedding may charge more, even up €20.000.

When choosing a wedding videographer, it's important to consider not only the cost but also the quality of their work. Look for someone with experience, a portfolio that matches your style and preferences, and positive reviews from past clients.

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As videographers we'd love the idea of talking through your Italian wedding or elopement. No wedding is the same and for us to understand you video or even photography needs, we would love to hear from you.