Hi, I’m Davide! I’m a wedding videographer!

I spend my free time between cinema, tv series, music and a football match on tv. Things I love doing with my better half, my wife; it’s thanks to her if you are here reading about me… but this is another story that maybe I’ll tell you in person.

We got married in June 2018! It was a great emotion for me. Usually I’m used to watch other people getting married, but that day it was Eleonora and I doing it!

A day I will never forget!

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Davide Stillitano - wedding videographer


You will be wondering how I made a job my passion. Well, it began when I was a kid and I used to help one of my friends, who was a photographer; I used to do it almost like a game, even bored by the monotony of common weddings. But after a while I’ve found out the beauty of telling a day so special which marks your life in a unique way forever. From here I started to see weddings with different eyes. I understood that in order to excite I had to be excited! And the only way to do that was to create my own style.

I love capturing real emotions, enriching myself of new experiences by traveling.

Love the sea, but even more I love the mountain. I would get lost breathing the fresh air in a pine wood.


I like couples who let the emotions take the lead and who make me part of their story. Love creative and unconventional weddings.

Weddings that are treated in detail!

I never try to annoy the couple so as the guests.

But I try to catch the most beautiful and funniest moments of the day with naturalness.

I love romantic couples, maybe because I’m an incurable romantic and I try to highlight it in my film.

When I observe the beauty of a wedding, my heart is filled with emotions that I try to return back under the shape of pictures. Sharing your wedding day with me, besides making me very proud, it means invite another guest, a friend you decided to make part of your joy.

Choosing me you will choose a person before a specialist!

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