Best venues to get married in Sicily

We wanted to share one of our happy couples who experienced a beautiful destination wedding on Salina Island! In fact Salina Island is one of best venues to get married in Sicily!

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From Australian to Sicily for an elegant destination wedding

Recently, Elias and Lucy from Australia decided that they wanted a fun destination wedding. Having heard about the beautiful offerings of Italy, they decided to hold their very special day out here! They decided that Italy was the right place!  So, we worked feverishly with them to find a location before settling on Salina Island in Sicily as the backdrop for their big day. The wedding was a complete success and they were both absolutely thrilled with the location. Since these two found so much joy when getting married on Salina Island, we thought that it might be nice to tell you all about this exciting location!

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Salina Island: one of the best islands of the Aeolian islands

Salina Island is a beautiful island just off the coast of Sicily that most people don’t know about. This wonderful isle is the perfect backdrop for a wedding. In fact the isle offering everything that you want in an island location including stunning beaches. So, our couple was delighted to see just how lovely this location was when they arrived. It provides you with the best possible scenery for all of your photography needs. Needless to say, every single one of their pictures was absolutely flawless. So, the memories that they made are preserved in high definition with a truly remarkable background.

destination wedding videographer italy

Best venues, best landscapes and best food ever

Of course, beautiful scenery isn’t all that Salina Island has to offer. In truth, Salina Island has many benefits, which is why it's becoming one of the most highly recommended locations. Even though most people don’t know that it exists. In fact, one of the biggest perks that they have to offer is a renowned gourmet food culture. This island is filled with restaurants and locations that have incredible food. So, you are sure to satisfy you and your guests. Whether you plan on having your event catered with a mind-blowing meal from a local eatery or you simply want to head over to a delicious local restaurant. After the big ceremony to enjoy food and drinks with your wedding party. This is the perfect location to get a wonderful meal that is sure to bring your picture-perfect wedding to the ultimate close.




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Why a destination wedding on aeolian islands?

Elias and Lucy were so happy to find that Salina Island was every bit as brilliant as they hoped it would be. The weather was perfect, the scenery was gorgeous, and the local denizens were friendly and supportive, which is exactly what everyone deserves for their wedding day. They enjoyed their ceremony at the wedding venue known as “Principe di Salina”, which is a breathtaking venue that feels like you have slipped away to paradise! With sea breezes and citrus awakening your senses, and the blues of the sea, reds of the rocks and greens of the island setting a picturesque backdrop, Principe di Salina is the perfect place to create memories. Absolutely one of the best venues to get married in Sicily!

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Best and elegant venues to get married in Sicily

If you are looking for a beautiful island getaway that isn’t overly populated with tourists and grants you access to the best food that the country of Italy has to offer, look no further. Salina Island is an absolute gem, and it is more than ready to embrace you and your fiancé as you come together to seal the deal!

And what are you waiting for to book your destination wedding in Italy?

The photos on this page are a Sebastien Boudot courtesy!

destination wedding videographer italy
destination wedding videographer italy

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If however you’re thinking of getting married in other parts of Italy then please visit this page featuring some of the best wedding venues in Puglia and get inspired.

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