Best wedding video in Italy


Best wedding video in Italy

A very exciting story that I will tell you about! The story of my best wedding video in Italy.

In fact, the story of Valeria and Roberto is very significant and it is the story that tells the words in the video you just saw.

A love story, fought and overcame many obstacles. But these obstacles have made Valeria and Roby even stronger.

Roberto is a well-known artist in Calabria. Indeed he is one of the best Latin American dance teachers.

Valeria, on the other hand, is a ballet dancer and shares the same passion as Roberto.

They met when were young and together they had to face a big obstacle: a heart operation for Roberto. But all this made Valeria and Roberto understand that they were made to be together. All life!

Wedding day

A real adventure for this best wedding video in italy. All because Valeria and Roberto lived more than 100 km away!

So early in the morning I left Crotone to arrive at Roberto’s home to film his preparations. Roberto is a sunny person and he welcomed me with a big smile that day . He was a little tense but joking like every day.

There was his best friend, his mother and brothers.

There was also his sister-in-law, a photographer from Rome! So a little anxiety for me …. seemed to be observed.

But fortunately I’m very calm when I work!

Instead, at Valeria’s home absolute calm reigned. She is an only child and lives in a small town near Cosenza.

Her parents are very friendly and from here I understood why Valeria is so good person.

Valeria seemed very calm when we arrived, but after a few moments she was also taken by emotion.

Surrounded by her friends, Valeria started to look good for Roberto.

Valeria’s wedding dress was really beautiful and elegant. Just like all the girls dream, a unique simplicity.

It was very exciting when, after wearing the dress, Valeria met the eyes of her parents and burst into tears!

The celebration

Valeria and Roberto chose San Bernardino’s church in Amantea, a charming village on the Tyrrhenian Sea. A very stunning location for elegant weddings, whit an amazing Seaview

A unique emotion for Roberto to see Valeria infuse the church. She was against him with a unique elegance.

Tears fell on his face.

Finally their much desired moment has arrived, Valeria and Roberto can become husband and wife!

Very beautiful words used by the priest to tell the true story of these two boys in love. Too easy for him, Valeria’s uncle who has known this story for so long!

I couldn’t help but use the same words to tell you the story of Valeria and Roberto.

A unique and timeless wedding video in Italy.

Wedding party

Valeria and Roberto chose “La Princess weddings and events” to welcome their friends from all over Italy. An elegant location for weddings in Italy!

It was a wonderful party, accompanied by Radio Studio 54 / The cat and the fox band show.

These are the parties I like! So many guys having fun dancing. This is another secret to get a best wedding video in italy

But the hero of the evening, obviously could only be Roby who dragged everyone on the track. Fun and emotions were fundamental for this wedding video in Cosenza.

A wedding that will always remain in my heart, as Valeria and Roberto will remain.

An incredible couple!

Best wedding video in Italy

Take a look:

Wedding photographer: Francesco Mazzei