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Italy is a beautiful country that is known for its delicious food and rich historical background. Every year, plenty of couples venture from other countries so that they can get married in this marvellous area. This kind of destination wedding is a ton of fun, but it definitely takes some extra effort when it comes to planning it if you want to do it correctly and save yourself any wedding day stress.

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From school desks to the dream of a lifetime: Vincenzo and Noemi's story

When two people are meant to be, nature finds a way to get them together. This is exactly what happened to Vincenzo and Noemi. They started planning they wedding from a year earlier. Vincenzo e Noemi have chosen me as their videographer and the best wedding venue.

Vincenzo and Noemi are a very young couple. They met at school, ten years ago!

When you meet a person as a child, a thousand thoughts come to your mind. The projects follow one another along with the emotions they feel. What I find myself telling is a unique and personal video. Each couple has its own story and I always work twice as hard to deliver to the couple a memory that will last a lifetime. So in this video I'd like to tell the love of two children seen from the eyes of Vincenzo, now a man. I was lucky to meet these two guys. The more I knew them, the richer I felt inside. It's true that sometimes the testimony of two humble people like them is enough to feel satisfied for your work. I immediately felt at ease with them, talking to them was like talking to a brother of mine.

It seemed so strange to me that two people so young could have all this love for each other, but every time I met them, I always discovered something more. For me it was the ideal couple, as well as giving me the confidence to tell such an important story, they made me grow both personally and professionally.

For Vincenzo and Noemi it was natural to marry after growing up together.

Their marriage was a mix of emotions for them.

video di matrimonio crotone


Planning a wedding in Ciro Marina can be typically tough if you are going there without prior reference and arrangements. Since, it's a tourist spot it is important for most people visiting to either get in touch with the wedding planners or with people they know who can potentially help them select a venue in this God’s little heaven on earth. Arrange for stay and transportation beforehand as it can hamper the swift proceedings of the day. In case, you are expecting rush hours and traffic jams ahead of the wedding it is suggested that you opt for pre booking in terms of transport and opt for alternative routes.

About Borgo Saverona Wedding Venue

Noemi and Vincenzo were immediately enchanted by the beauty of Borgo Saverona, an ancient country village, not far from the sea. In recent years it has ranked among the best wedding locations in Calabria. In fact, couples now come from all over Calabria to get married in the romantic and elegant setting of Borgo Saverona.

Borgo Saverona is no longer a surprise, every time I go there I feel at home. I love those lights and that romantic environment recreated by the wedding planners of Borgo Saverona. It almost feels like being in an Apulian farmhouse.

Borgo Saverona Italy


If Italy is the location for your destination wedding then Puglia or Tuscany are the perfect places for that wedding in Italy. Its calming skies and romantic sunsets are ideal for day light photography and videography.

Don’t forget to have a look at some of my destination wedding film page and go through my portfolio to see the complete stories. Rest assured that your wedding video is going to be the best I have ever created so far!

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