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Matrimonio evangelico - Sharon e Giovanni

Evangelical Marriage in Italy

This year, for the first time, I found myself telling a marriage with a different ritual from the Catholic or civil one. So, I had the pleasure of being able to tell a great love story thanks to my Evangelical wedding video in Italy.

When we talk about mixed or celebrated marriage with a ritual different from the Catholic one, the fantasy runs towards a new idea of ​​wedding. So we think about an original bridal dress or an original bridal bouquet. In evangelical marriage the typicality of the celebration lies in its simplicity and essentiality. Indeed, the involvement of the guests is fundamental precisely in moments of solemn prayer and singing.

A rope with three ends

The thing that struck me most, during the celebration, is this cord with three strands that was a common thread throughout the day. This rope that, if formed by three heads, is unlikely to break during life. I immediately traced this phrase to the life of every couple because this third leader is recognized in God. So a very heartfelt rite, not very different from a Catholic rite, but which has remained in my heart. Just like the story of Sharon and Giovanni and their evangelical wedding video in Italy.

From Florence to Calabria, a return to the origins.

Sharon and Giovanni’s story starts from Calabria, in a small town on the Ionian Sea and arrives in Florence.  Florence is one of the most popular city for destination weddings in Italy, as well as being highly sought after by Italian couples. Against the tendency however, Sharon and Giovanni, have decided to return to their origins and celebrate their evangelical wedding in Crotone. In fact, Crotone is the city where everything was born.

Sharon and Giovanni, after taking part  at several marriages with evangelical rites in Florence, have prepared their own with so much meticulousness. So, when I met them, they were almost two years away from their marriage, but they wanted to have my video to tell their story.

Sometimes it makes me proud that couples decide to choose me, at any cost, as a videographer for their wedding.

Two kind souls for an elegant wedding

Giovanni and Sharon, are two kind souls who show you their affection immediately. Precisely for this reason we decided together to create a pre-wedding session in the beautiful Sila, one of the most enchanting places in Italy. At the same time Sila is one of the beauties that makes Calabria unique. In fact in Calabria  there’s a wonderful sea, as everyone knows, but also surrounded by this fascinating mountain area.

Sharon and Giovanni made me understand immediately that theirs is a story based mainly on the God’s word. So, the moment of the celebration was the most beautiful and heartfelt moment of the day.

Then, when I knew all the details of this marriage, I was so excited because for the first time I could make an evangelical wedding video in Italy!

The Protestant religion in Italy

The celebration of marriage is full of collective moments. So, the guests raise praise and songs of communion actively participating in the blessing of the new family that is born. The bride is accompanied to the altar by her father, where she will find her husband. Sharon and Giovanni have been very attached to a particular song that represents their love.

A really exciting moment was during the exchange of promises of marriage between sharon and Giovanni. At that moment, the spouses were able to show everyone the beauty of their love.

Sharon and Giovanni have chosen a location for weddings like  Convivio di Hera.

Couple session in a evangelical wedding video

The couple session, for an evangelical wedding video, is fundamental to recreate unique moments of intimacy for the couple. It’s a moment, therefore, when the couple is free to show me their whole romantic vein. Sometimes it’s difficult to show oneself in moments of intimacy in front of a person, especially if ther’s not the right confidence. So, I try to establish a particular relationship with the couple, in such a way as to eliminate any embarrassment. In those moments I’m invisible and speak as little as possible. In this way the couple can show me the maximum of tenderness.

A unique wedding video

As a wedding videographer I always look for the right moment, the unforgettable one to get an unforgettable wedding video. Together with the wedding photographer, we quickly create a romantic session of unrepeatable moments. In fact, these moments must be considered in 20 years and be revived as if this time had not passed. The complicity of the couple is a fundamental element to make this happen. This is why I love romantic couples.

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Couples like Sharon and Giovanni decide to have a wedding video with cinematic style, a video that represents them in their spontaneity.

If you are looking for a wedding videographer for your special day, don’t hesitate to contact me.

My job is nice because it allows me to travel and meet people from all over the world, so don’t worry about location and travel. My goal is to tell love stories throughout Italy, and not only.

The gallery you will find is by one of the wedding photographers who usually collaborate with me, he’s Francesco Sisca and his site can be visited at this link.

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