Germany wedding video


When you are lucky enough to travel for work, you face many adventures, like this one! My first Germany wedding video!


Germany wedding video
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Adriana and Lorenzo

Adriana and Lorenzo, German but with Italian origins, gave me the honor of participating in their elegant wedding. It was nice for me to take part at this wonderful wedding in a splendid location in Stuttgart!

They met when they were almost children and spent a lot of time together, which made them very close. Together had a fantastic little girl, who makes you smile just looking at her!

I spent three wonderful days in Stuttgart, and then I moved near Baden- Baden where the wedding was celebrated!

It's been a new experience, especially because the German language is very different from Italian. But I always like challenges!

Germany wedding video


The celebration

During the celebration it was difficult to understand all the words, but luckily  there was a dear German friend of mine with me!

It was a special day, because Adriana and Lorenzo decided to baptize their child! A big surprise for all of us, we weren't aware of it!

Germany wedding


After the celebration, people from the community  prepared delicious appetizers outside the church! It was beautiful to see how these people wanted to give their gift to Adriana and Lorenzo!

We had a great time, during the couple session, on a beautiful lake near the wedding venue, a  fantastic place to take photos and videos!

During this time, I like to joke and laugh with the couple, because it doesn't have to be a stressful moment! I always try to do this because it's always relaxing to work smiling!

It's true! it's a job but above all it is my passion!

Germany wedding video


Wedding party

Meanwhile, the guests enjoyed a fresh appetizer in the large garden of the Molino, a truly  beautiful wedding location! Inside, in addition to the large garden, there is a golf course where guests can relax while they wait for the bride and groom.

Once at the location, Adriana & Lorenzo gave life to a fantastic wedding party.
The guests had fun like crazy until late at night!

Unfortunately, this adventure ended too soon, and I went back home the next day!

As I always say to my friends: "I'm lucky to do this job! But above all I'm lucky, when I get home, to find my wife waiting for me, happy to see me again!

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