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Getting married in Italy has always been one of the greatest dreams for those approaching the big step! That’s why the Italians consider themselves lucky. For me it’s a unique emotion to tell the emotions in a wedding video in Italy, always! I’m lucky to be a Weddings videomaker in Italy.

getting married italy


Now I will tell you about the story of Isa and Roberto’s marriage. A few simple words would suffice to tell their story. In fact they are a perfect couple, almost, who like to travel and share everything in their lives. When I met them, they had just returned from a trip to Canada and were already planning to leave for Bora Bora. I was immediately struck by their way of living life as if it were an adventure.

getting married italy


Isabella is a Coroner, well-known in the medical field. She’s a very strong woman and, at first glance, very introverted. But don’t ask her to talk about Roberto and their love story, because you won’t be able to stop her anymore.


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Roberto, a business owner in his city, besides being a travel enthusiast, also owns a gym. With Isabella they met in a gym. Sometimes fate plays tricks.


italy videography and photography

A unique wedding video that tells your story

Isabella and Roberto are the example of how we can be tied to our land. They indeed could have got married anywhere in the world, but they decided to getting married in Italy. In fact they grew up in a town on the Ionian Sea of ​​Calabria. In addition to this, they were lucky enough to get married in one of the most elegant sanctuaries in Italy. Indeed the Capo Colonna’s Sanctuary rises in the center of the temple of Hera Lacinia, an important piece of history of Crotone.

getting married in italy


Getting married in Italy, in fact, is the dream of many foreigners who decide to celebrate their destination wedding in the “Bel Paese”. For me, being a wedding video maker in Italy, it’s always an honor to be able to tell many unique love stories every year.

getting married in italy

The beauty of getting married in Italy

A few days before the wedding, I wanted to get to know their story in depth. I was very impressed by their words. In fact, both believe that someone above them allowed this meeting. Indeed, when they met, they both went through a period in which a thousand questions and thoughts turned in their head.

These thoughts that vanished once they met and decided to stay together forever. So, they immediately understood that they were doing for each other and that they would soon crown their dream of getting married in Italy.

Being a wedding videographer in Italy

My work starts more than a year before, when I know the couple for the first time. So, From that moment begins one of the most important phases of my work, or the knowledge of the couple. That’s why I decided to make a wedding videographer long time ago. It’s great to be able to tell love stories, but it’s even better to meet so many different people. Each of them offers me a different life experience and this makes me grow a lot. My life has changed a lot since I started doing this job, which is first and foremost a passion.

A stunning wedding venue on the italian sea

Isabella and Roberto’s was one of the most elegant wedding of the season. Indeed, I love weddings organized down to the smallest detail and above all in wonderful locations like Lido degli Scogli (visit the site).

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This wedding venue is excellent for those who want to smell the sea and the sound of the waves on the rocks. Isabella and Roberto have relied on a very good and elegant wedding planner, who made the location even more beautiful.

best place to get married

The role of a wedding planner, is very underrated. In fact, few understand the importance of having this person who follows you step by step in your every choice. This person facilitates the organization of the marriage and gives you the best advice to make it more elegant and adapt it to your idea of ​​marriage. I happened to attend elegant weddings, boho chic weddings with the best wedding planners in Italy.

best place to get married

Wedding video in Italy

Here are some tips to choose the right videomaker:

1 – Watch many videos that you find on his website, that is the most important showcase for a professional. Indeed, many videomaker do it out of passion and as a second job, continuing to have another job;

2 – Search for reviews of couples for whom you have already worked; when a professional works well, couples can’t wait to review and thank him on his website or on his page or on the various portals that talk about marriage;

3 – If a professional talks to you about his equipment before his way of being and working, maybe he doesn’t have a great passion for this job and he thinks that the equipment comes before the heart. So, pay close attention to this detail.

4 – Pay no attention to expenses; It’s true, wedding organization leads you to have many expenses. It’s also true that many of these expenses aren’t as important as the photos and video of your wedding and are the only things that will remain for you for life.

Looking for getting married in Italy

If you are looking for a destination wedding, Italy is the best for you. Italy is the land of love, the greatest love story of Romeo & Juliet was set in Italy. Italy has so many wonderful locations that you would want to get married in all of them. The food, the wine, the culture everything is amazing. And, the plus point is you don’t need to book your honeymoon because Italy serves both purposes.

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