During last summer I was lucky enough to travel a lot for my work. One of these trips was in Puglia, in the beautiful land of Salento. In this artile I will tell you about this wonderful experience in a wedding at Villa Zaira. One of the most beautiful wedding venues in Salento. So I have always thought of it: if there is a wonderful place where getting married is Puglia.

Puglia, a land of wheat, ancient olive trees has been confirmed for years as one of the favorite destinations for celebrating one's wedding. Salento is the so-called heel of Italy, an area of ​​Puglia with the best beaches.

What attracts future spouses, especially foreigners, in addition to the wonderful landscape, is also the presence of wonderful farms where you can celebrate your wedding.

In Puglia the most beautiful destination weddings in Italy are made and couples come from all over the world to get married here.

Indeed, Many couples choose to spend several days together with their guests in search of relaxation, in the moments that separate them from the best day of their lives.

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Best destination wedding video in Puglia

I always liked Puglia. Since I started doing this job I have always dreamed of creating a destination wedding in this wonderful place. So, when one day a friend of mine asked me to help him during a destination wedding, I didn't hesitate to accept.  This friend of mine is a very good wedding videographer, known during a campus of the national videographers association. He specializes in destination weddings from all over the world. Just what I want to do!

Essie and Adam chose a small farm to spend a few days with their families. It was a small destination wedding of 40 people. To make everything even more beautiful, the Gather Events wedding planner (here her website) has thought of it. Everything was wonderful and the atmosphere was magical, so the "Masseria Angiulli Piccolo" was transformed. (here its siteweb)

best destination wedding venue
best destination wedding venue


There are so many wedding venues in Salento, but I think some of the most beautiful are:

Masseria San Nicola Savelletri (visit the site): overlooking the sea and surrounded by olive trees. This farm in Salento is also equipped with two swimming pools and a large garden.

Masseria San Nicola Savelletri
Masseria San Nicola Savelletri

Castello Monaci (visit the site): a fabulous location where you can celebrate, not only the reception, but also the ceremony.

Castello Monaci Puglia Italy
Castello Monaci Puglia Italy

Tenuta Tresca (visit the site): it is a mix of nature, culinary art and quality of service. Here the attention to detail, will give your reception an atmosphere of celebrity, like in a fairy tale.

Tenuta tresca wedding venue Puglia Italy
Tenuta tresca wedding venue Puglia Italy

Now, I will tell you about the story of Danilo and Micaela. An italian couple who decided to realize their dream in a wonderful wedding venue in Salento.


Sometimes the origins call you to do crazy things, and that's exactly what happened to Danilo and Micaela. Micaela, of Apulian origins, has decided to return to that wonderful land for her marriage. Making the guests travel, organizing all the details from afar to make everything perfect, did not discourage Danilo and Micaela. So, one step at a time they realized their dream.

Getting married in Puglia is one of the dreams of many couples, even foreign ones, Danilo and Micaela have realized it.

But let's move on to the wedding day.

Danilo and Micaela decided to start their preparation in a fantastic old farmhouse in Galatina, a fantastic and small town in Salento. A residence very similar to a masseria, where the couple were able to spend the last days before the wedding relaxing between the pool and relaxing environments. It was relaxing to work in this environment, also because it's different from the usual home context. Here Micaela has transformed her look thanks to her makeup artists and trusted Hair Stylist.

Masseria Li pappi
Masseria Li pappi

Instead Danilo, after leaving the pool, started to prepare the small family.

At the end of the preparation, both spouses moved on board a nice boho chic style wolkswagen, towards the splendid Galatina cathedral, a real dream for Micaela to return to her origins.

Getting married in Puglia
Getting married in Puglia

After the exciting ceremony, we moved to the location chosen for the reception, just in time for the sunset. As I said before, in Puglia there are the most beautiful locations in italy.

Working in the sector as Wedding Videographer in Puglia, I had the pleasure of visiting many farms. Instead for the marriage of Danilo and Micaela, I found myself for the first time in a beautiful villa.

Villa Zaira - A magical wedding venue in Puglia

Villa Zaira - Wonderful wedding venue in Italy
Villa Zaira - Wonderful wedding venue in Puglia

A historic baronial building in the middle of a huge park of trees and flowers, Villa Zaira is the perfect location for weddings in Salento. This structure, with its natural beauty, has fascinated me a lot. Different from the masseria, it's the ideal setting for couples who want to amaze their guests with an elegant wedding.

Villa Zaira is characterized by different environments, but what struck me most is the forest. Danilo and Micaela have decided to keep their appetizer in the enchanting oak forest. Here it is like being in a magical and surreal environment, characterized by these splendid chandeliers accompanied by a series of mirrors that reflect light. Spectacular is an understatement!

Organizing an evening wedding at Villa Zaira as Danilo and Micaela have preferred to do, means taking advantage of all the internal and external locations of the estate.

The mill room of Villa Zaira is wonderful, a very elegant and characteristic place where you can dine in a real old mill. All this is made special by the attention to detail of the Villa Zaira team. In fact, in addition to the magic of the location, the professionalism of the team, with their attention to detail, make Villa Zaira the perfect place for any type of wedding in Salento, from Boho Chic to country style.

What to say?  Villa Zaira is one of the ideal wedding locations in Salento.

Visit its website to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Villa Zaira

How to chose the best wedding videographer in Puglia

Wedding videography happens to be an art as well as a skill. It is an important aspect of a wedding that is supposed to capture the emotions and feelings of the special day. You have to ensure that your wedding videographer Italy matches your needs, and the following tips will help you to make the best choice.

Ask for testimonials

Good videographers tend to have solid records of the feedbacks offered by past clients. Get some testimonials from your videographer. A good videographer tends to always be proud of the work that he offers, and does not shy away from showing what others think of them. You can get an idea about the quality and experience of the wedding videographer Italy from the testimonials.

Know about previous work experience

A few videographers begin with videos as hobby, and afterwards move towards shooting wedding video in Puglia with passing time. Others tend to receive professional training and then veer off to do other things with the passage of time. It’s important for a videographer to come with experience. Find out whether you are hiring a professional and whether he has worked before for some other couples. In case you are hiring a wedding videographer Italy who is based out of state, ensure that he has worked in different climates and places.

Visit his blog that are slightly more personal typically, and can provide you with an idea about what kind of services your videographer offers more. Find out whether the videographer of your choice has blogs that consist of the latest wedding video in Puglia and wedding photos that he has shot. This can offer you an idea about the videographer’s personality. You will ultimately need a professional who cares about you, so that he can reflect your personality the best in the photos and videos that he shoots for your special day.

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If however you’re thinking of getting married in Puglia then please visit this page featuring some of the best wedding venues in Puglia and get inspired.

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