Debora e Danilo

When I meet a couple for the first time, I try to understand right away who I am facing. I ask so many questions about their story and try to understand their answers. Most of the time, after the meeting, I already know what the couple wants from me. This is the case of Debora & Danilo and their Engagement in Italy.

Best wedding videographer Italy

Debora and Danilo are very in love. Their carefree and their desire to get married struck me from the first moment.

These two sweet guys live in a small town in southern Italy, near one of the most popular beauties of Italy, La Sila. This is a  beautiful place where you can relax even in summer with its fresh and clean air. I really enjoy working in these beauties of Italy, above all in achieving engagement like this of Debora and Danilo. One of the best jobs I’ve ever done (I think).

The best engagement Italy

What’s an Engagement?

The story of a wedding does not start when a bride walks down the aisle, but from the engagement proposal.
The mood of that instant, the emotion in his voice and in her eyes, that long awaited and desired Yes: each detail of that moment becomes fixed in their memory and become a part of their story together.

This session is very important for the success of a beautiful wedding video in every part of the world. It’s important because I like to spend a couple of hours together with the  couple, not only to make a video, but above all to talk to us while continuing to know them.

It’s a couple session where you become familiar with the couple. In the same way the couple learns to know me and be friendly.

Many times I meet the couple just to talk to each other and have a laugh together.


Best engagement Italy

Only in this way I am sure that on the wedding day there will be no secrets between us.

So I can always make a unique wedding video and not a photocopy of a thousand other weddings.

I like being in nature, playing with light and doing relax the couple in front of me. Only then can I get the best out of their love.

My goal is to get to the end of the couple session with the two guys who confide in me! Just as if a friend of theirs known for so many years!

I can create a beautiful relationship with all the couples who choose me to make their wedding video, that video that will remain imprinted for their whole life.

The best Engagement in Italy

Call it what you want, Pre marriage, pre-wedding, pre-film or Engagement, for me it will always remain a moment when the couple confides in me. This moment they will remember him forever, because they believed they had a wedding videographer in front of them but in the end they find a friend to talk to.

The best engagement Italy

Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world! If you are thinking of celebrating your proposal and your engagement in Italy, I am here to make it unforgettable. Tailoring it to your very own personality, we will find the best engagement location in Italy, being it in a crowded place like Florence, Venice, Amalfi coast or Como lake. So, if you want to make your biggest dream come true, all you have to do is get married in Italy and have the Best wedding video ever.

If you want to know more about engagement in Italy, contact me!

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