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Tuscany wedding video
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Hi, I'm Davide. I'm a wedding videographer in Tuscany.

Marriage is not just about two people getting married, it is about collecting the best moments together and celebrating it with your family and loved ones. You will definitely want to make the best of this moment and capture it for the lifetime so that whenever you want to get back to those moments you can look at those videos and smile.

Tuscany wedding video

Silvia and Mirko are a special couple! In fact, from the first day there was immediately understanding between us! We immediately found ourselves in harmony and, when they asked me to make their wedding video, I accepted at once. Their story begins here.

Silvia and Mirko are two sweet souls!

Mirko born and raised in Florence. Silvia, born in Calabria, but have lived in Tuscany for ten years, now!

It's true! Love overcomes a thousand obstacles!

I met Silvia and Mirko in May! Indeed they decided to create an engagement session in the beautiful Florence, the center of the amazing Tuscany.

getting married in tuscany

Why Tuscany?

Finding yourself in Florence it takes just a moment to find the right inspiration!

Florence is a city that realizes the dreams of so many couples who decide to get married in Tuscany!

With Silvia and Mirko we spent two wonderful days there! They made me discover a city that I have seen on TV or in wedding magazines only.

This experience has been a great growth for my work. Sure enough it's nice to see my work is becoming more and more known in just two years.

But let's get back to talk about Silvia and Mirko's wedding!

A real wedding story from Tuscany

Silvia and Mirko  decided to get married in a beautiful wedding venue in Tuscany. A place surrounded by immense vineyards and olive groves.

That day there was a magic air,  all thanks to the care of the smallest details.

It makes the difference in an elegant wedding.

All because of Silvia who studied everything to make an unconventional wedding. But the help of one of the best wedding planners in Tuscany was indispensable! The details are a fundamental piece for your wedding film.

From our hotel went to this wonderful venue and we started to admire every corner. This is basic to find a unique place where you can take photos and videos after the ceremony. It's very important for the success of a good wedding video in Florence.

Silvia and Mirko prepared themselves in this rural structure, in nineteenth-century rooms. Here a wonderful light transpired.

I still remember the beauty of the wedding dress made by pronovias, it was unique in its style! The groom's suit, made by Carlo Pignatelli, had a color that changed according to the light.

People from all over Italy and not only reached the bride and groom for the ceremony! There were even people living in Australia, on the other side of the world!

Getting married in tuscany

The ceremony

The ceremony started early in the afternoon, outside a small church.

A church of immense charm positioned at the center of the structure.

The emotion could be read in everyone's eyes, but in Silvia and Mirko's even more. Mirko was very excited when he read the promises, but it was even better to listen to Silvia's words.

In fact, with her words, she moved all her relatives exiting them even more. And I'm not hiding it, me too!

I can't hold back the excitement during the best moments of a wedding, especially when I have a couple in love in front of me!

The words of Silvia  gave me inspiration to make the trailer you just saw!

It takes so many emotions to make a wedding trailer and I think this is full of them until the last second!

Being a wedding videographer is not easy! You must be able to convey all those emotions you feel during the wedding day.

After the celebration, we found a lovely place inside the location! Once again the beauty of Tuscany during the sunset left me speechless!

During the couple session, I enjoyed joking with Mirko and his Tuscan accent. In fact, he made me laugh for every word he said! However, I cannot describe the love that transpires as soon as you see Silvia and Mirko looking into each other's eyes.

Tuscany wedding video
The best destination to get married in Italy is Florence

Wedding party

It's dinner time, finally and, after a great appetizer in the immense garden, you can have dinner calmly! During dinner , I like to stay on the sidelines watching everything that happens. Sure enough, my videos are full of spontaneous moments, especially during the party!

At the party everyone got wild!

Looking for your wedding videographer in Tuscany?

You should never compromise on your wedding videography and this is how to choose the best wedding videographer in Tuscany.

  • Ask for the sample: When you visit a videographer remember to ask for the samples. These samples will give you an idea of the videographer’s style and if it matches what you want for your wedding.
  • Communication skills: A wedding videographer need to work with both families and other professionals. It is very important that s/he has good communication skills.
  • Price check: There are a number of wedding videographers available in Tuscany with the various price structures. So if you want the best videos of the wedding do not compromise only for the sake of price difference. 

So, you should always focus on getting the best wedding videographer you can find, other stuff like good catering or decoration will not live as long as a video or neither will someone remember it for more than just a few months. 

Best wedding videography in Tuscany

Are you looking for a wedding videographer in Italy, in Tuscany or anywhere else in the world? Let's create something together! 

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