“When you decide to get married, one of the first things to do is choose the location of your dreams. Obviously after choosing the Videographer for your wedding, you will find yourself, according to your tastes, looking for the right place where you can receive friends and relatives to celebrate together YOUR BIG DAY. Recently several beautiful wedding locations have been created in Calabria. Many of these have been created from old farmhouses or family estates that have been renovated to become wedding locations. Other locations, have been made better over the years and they have been at a very high level for some time now. Well, watching the wedding video at Tenuta Calivello you will find one of the most popular locations in Calabria and maybe at the same time the right Videographer for your wedding “.


In this post I will tell you about Denis and Cristina and their wedding at Tenuta Calivello. I wanted to enclose all their emotions, from premarital anxiety to the liberation of the wedding party.

When planning your wedding, the first thing you want is for everything to go smoothly. You start preparing everything a year before just to study every little detail. From the choice of location to the cake topper to put on the cake. It’s true, this happens above all to women and that’s exactly what happened to Cristina. In fact, she was a very meticulous and attentive to detail bride. Just the way I like it!

With Cristina and Denis it was “love at first sight”, we understood each other from the first call. As always, when I manage to create a solid relationship with the couple, the end result is guaranteed. Where do I notice it from? Easy, from the emotion I feel when I see the complete work. In fact, just in this case, at the end of their wedding film, I felt so satisfied that cried!

Wedding at tenuta calivello

photography Michele Cammariere

Wedding at tenuta calivello

photography by michele cammariere



I still think of all the difficulties experienced by those who decided to get married in 2020. Cristina and Denis were a tenacious couple, they always believed they could marry despite all adversities. In fact, after moving their marriage several times, they decided to get married with no ifs and buts. It goes without saying that for them I was a psychologist as well as a Wedding Videographer, because in the current times I got used to doing everything. Perhaps this is also why I felt part of Cristina and Denis’ wedding just as if I were one of the family!


Tenuta Calivello, with its old farmhouse in the center of the property, emerges as an unexpected surprise among olive and fruit trees. At the top of the surrounding valley he discovers an unusual and suggestive landscape.  Even more, the enchanting refinement of the farmhouse leaves you breathless, with its beauty of yesteryear. Respecting the style of the ancient structure, what remained of the characteristic was restored to life. What was missing, however, was wisely chosen from antiques dating back to the period of the structure. Entering this farmhouse today, you have the feeling of stepping back in time.

Wedding at Tenuta CalivelloWedding at Tenuta CalivelloWedding at Tenuta Calivello



When you decide to celebrate your wedding at Tenuta Calivello you rely on the experience of a super professional staff, led by the maitre d ‘room. The anxieties and worries of a whole year disappear as soon as you set foot in this wonderful estate. In this wonderful place, in addition to the reception, you can also celebrate your civil or religious ceremony in the garden. A crazy thing to say the least! So if you are looking for the location for your wedding you will surely have to take into account the Tenuta Calivello.

Wedding at tenuta calivello

Wedding at tenuta calivello


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Tenuta Calivello