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Sometimes fate plays tricks, like when Scott & Lizzie decided to get married in Italy. It was the last months of 2019 when Scott and Lizzie took a trip to the wonderful Puglia and Scott decided to ask Lizzie to get married. They were in Polignano a Mare, an enchanted place to declare one's eternal love. The idea of a destination wedding in Puglia was born from Polignano a Mare at Villa San Martino, a splendid villa in Martina Franca.

When Elizabeth and Scott were looking for a wedding videographer in Italy and inquired with me, we quickly connected on their love story, they loved my way to capturing true emotions in a wedding film. They are both very easy going and lovely people, and it was such a pleasure to work with them to capture the celebration of their love in the wonderful Puglia. If you are planning a destination wedding in Italy or Puglia you should check out my other wedding video in Sicily and Tuscany. But I really suggest that you first dedicate a few minutes of your time and press the play button right down and watch the beautiful story of this destination wedding in Villa San Martino, Puglia.

Lizzie & Scott - wedding film
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Destination wedding in Puglia 

The beauty of Italy is known all over the world. Italian food, Italian beauties, and wonderful corners of paradise are the most desired places for destination weddings from all over the world. From the Alps of Northern Italy to the wonderful sea of ​​Sicily, passing through the vineyards of Tuscany and the wonderful view of the Amalfi coast, there are many places where you could get married, but Puglia has always had its charm.
Puglia always remains one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, combining the beauty of the sea and beaches with the magic masseria surrounded by olive groves. There are plenty of magical places where you can get married or have your own elopement, but certainly the most popular places are the Masseria with Trulli and historic villas.
It was in a historic villa that Scott and Elizabeth decided to fulfill their dream of getting married in Italy.
I am very lucky to know Puglia well, travel and get to know new places every year. Every time I arrive in Puglia I feel at home, welcomed like in a family. In fact, the Apulians are very warm people and immediately show you their affection and their generosity.
If you’re looking for that storybook Italian charm, Puglia won’t disappoint.

The magical Polignano a mare in Italy
The magical Polignano a mare in Italy

Puglia wedding videography: Scott & Elizabeth's story

Elizabeth and Scott are both from England. They met 5 years ago in London. Scott was visiting his sister (as he was living in Brighton at the time) and they decided to join her husband Karl for some work drinks. Karl was Elizabeth's manager, so it just so happened that she was in the same place that day too. For them it was like love at first sight.They met up again in London and then the third time they met they went on holiday to Valencia for a week! After 6 months they moved in together and now own their first home. They enjoy going out socialising and love to travel.

In September 2019 year they got engaged in Polignano on the cliffs while looking out at the sea which was a very special moment. They fell in love with Puglia, because of the scenery, the relaxed pace and way of life, the food and the wine! For this reason they chose Puglia for they destination wedding from England.

Engagement in Polignano a Mare




Wedding at Villa San Martino

Elizabeth and Scott have decided to host their 45 guests in a wonderful villa in the heart of Puglia. Villa San Martino is a Luxury Relais a few steps from Martina Franca, a splendid baroque city, of which you can admire the beautiful historic center. The structure is an old "Masseria" renovated a few years ago and made the pride of the "Valle d'Itria", when you arrive at Villa San Martino you immediately realize that you are enveloped in the quiet of the Apulian countryside.



Elizabeth and scott and their families spent three relaxing days looking forward to the most important day of their lives. They were able to visit Puglia and its wonderful places, such as Polignano a Mare (where they had their engagement session), the fantastic Monopoli and much more.

Choosing Villa san martino, Elizabeth and Scott met two fundamental parameters for their wedding:

1 - Relax for they and their family;

2 - A professional service with internal wedding planner and amazing Italian cuisine!

If you are planning a wedding in Puglia you should visit Villa San Martino and know this magic places. You will be delighted with how much beauty you will have around you!

Destination wedding videographer in Puglia

"I'm really lucky to be a wedding videographer in Puglia", this is what I always tell to my family and friends. Is amazing to meet new people, new habits, new customs and tell wonderful love stories of couples who decide to get married in Puglia. Whether it's in a Villa, in a masseria, an ancient Apulian olive orchard or along the coast, Puglia offers wonderful corners of paradise for your wedding. 

So, if you are planning a wedding in Puglia, I'd love to be your wedding videographer. I live a few steps from this wonderful region and I know it very well. I speak English quite well and I understand Spanish well, but honestly, words are of little use in my work. I would love to be there to tell your love story and make it unforgettable like in a Film.