Wedding venues in Puglia

If you’ve always wanted a beautiful Italian wedding, Apulia is the place for you. You’ll find a wide array of beaches, private castles, ancient Masseria, and glamorous villas to choose from. All will be ready to cater to your needs and have breathtaking scenery. Couples love Puglia for many reasons. If you’re looking for an intimate and romantic celebration, then Puglia has plenty of beautiful wedding venues to choose from for your destination wedding ceremony and reception. You’ll find that your love and romance will blossom, and your guests will have a great time.

This is my list of top 10 wedding venues in Puglia.

My top 11 wedding venues in Puglia

1. Castello Monaci

Castello Monaci is located in the heart of the Salento region of Puglia. It’s the perfect place for couples who want a castle wedding and offers both indoor and outdoor spaces. This lovely venue can host up to 500 guests and offers onsite accommodation. You’ll love the picturesque vineyards and gardens, the stunning pool and the magnificent patio. You may find this video useful.

Wedding set up at Castello Monaci in Puglia
Castello Monaci

2. Villa San Martino

Villa San Martino is a beautiful wedding venue located in the heart of Puglia. It is surrounded by a vast private park and offers couples a chance to hold weddings of guest’s numbers from 2 – 250. Villa San Martino is both a reception and a ceremony venue. Couples who host their wedding here will enjoy the delicious menu options, onsite accommodations and luxury on display.

Willa San Martino wedding venue in in Puglia
Villa San Martino in Puglia.

3. Villa Zaira

This lovely wedding venue dates back to the 1700s and is perfect for couples who want an elegant and classy wedding. You’ll love the tall trees and the gorgeous fountain at this destination. Villa Zaira offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for weddings. A celebration here would have you and your guests feeling like you’re in heaven. You may find this wedding video useful.

best wedding venue puglia
Villa Zaira, Puglia.

4. Masseria Potenti

You’ll love Masseria Potenti as a wedding venue for its cuisine, accommodation and picturesque grounds. Located in Puglia, this venue is perfect for a weekend wedding and can host 50 guests. You’ll love the authentic feel of this place, and the staff are also known for their hospitality. Masseria Potenti offers couples an intimate wedding atmosphere filled with love.

Masseria Potenti in Puglia

5. Masseria Montenapoleone

If you’re looking for a rustic wedding venue just a few minutes drive from the sea, Masseria Montenapoleone is the place for you. Available from September to the start of July every year, this venue offers couples a luxurious farmhouse atmosphere for their wedding. It also has onsite accommodation for up to 42 guests and a gorgeous pool.

Masseria Montenapoleone wedding venue at sunset
Masseria Montenapoleone

6. Masseria Don Luigi Relais

Masseria Don Luigi Relais offers couples a dedicated team to oversee their elegant wedding in a magical location. This venue has traditional Italian charms that you and your guests will fall in love with as you say your vows. It is also easily accessible and offers onsite accommodations that are comfortable. You’ll love having your wedding here.

Masseria Don Luigi Relais in Puglia
Masseria Don Luigi Relais

7. Masseria San Domenico

If you want a luxury wedding venue with a saltwater swimming pool, spa and other 5-star amenities, then head on over to Masseria San Domenico. This 15th-century boutique hotel is located in the heart of Puglia. It also comes with a private beach and olive trees. You’ll love the menu and can book as many as 40 rooms and suites for your wedding celebration.

Masseria San Domenico wedding venue Puglia

8. Tenuta Tresca

Tenuta Tresca is another breathtaking wedding venue with olive trees and a mouth-watering wedding menu. You can enjoy this menu at the beautiful square built around an old oak tree at the heart of the estate. This space was created explicitly for luxury dining. Booking this wedding venue also gives you access to an expert team of wedding planners and caterers.

Tenuta tresca wedding venue Puglia Italy
Tenuta tresca wedding venue Puglia Italy

9. Masseria Muntibianchi

Masseria Muntibianchi is located in one of the most scenic areas of the Salento hinterland. This venue offers couples onsite accommodation for up to 45 guests and more. It’s a villa-style resort with a swimming pool and specialized chefs to cater to you and your loved ones. It has a guest capacity of 90 people.

Masseria Muntibianchi a wedding venue in Puglia
Masseria Muntibianchi

10. La Residenza Masseria Pettolecchia

This wedding venue is a year-round wedding destination that has been beautifully restored to cater for guests looking for a dreamy Italian wedding. Couples who book La Residenza Masseria Pettlecchia get the services of an onsite wedding planner and an ideal space for their celebration. You’ll also love the swimming pool, exclusive beach club and lots of other luxuries.

Masseria Pettolecchia wedding venue puglia


11. Masseria Angiulli Piccolo

This ancient masseria is a perfect setting for any wedding. Whether you are throwing an outdoor wedding party or an intimate family gathering, this is definitely a place to consider.

What you need to know when planning your destination wedding in Puglia?

Reasons to get married in Puglia

There are many reasons why you should consider Puglia as a destination for your wedding. One of those is that the wedding venues in Puglia are breathtaking. You’ll find multiple spaces for your wedding pictures, and your wedding album will be the toast of the town.
The historical Masseria and villas are especially popular. They bring an old Italian charm to your wedding that many couples cannot resist. The architecture, too, though simple, is memorable and will ensure that you have the perfect romantic atmosphere at your wedding. World-class catering and mouthwatering delicacies are also other reasons why couples choose to have their wedding in Puglia.
Couples also choose to come to Puglia for their wedding because it can be a cost-effective alternative to other Italian destinations. It has the very same charm, delicacies and beauty of all those other big Italian destination names while remaining affordable.

Why is Puglia a popular wedding destination?

Many couples who have heard about Puglia wedding venues often want to know why they are so popular. The answer is, why not? Who does not want to enjoy their wedding at a relaxed Mediterranean destination?
Puglia is also easily accessible from any place in Europe. That means you and your loved ones can easily get to Puglia for your wedding and back home without stress. You’ll also love the beaches, scenery, Italian cuisine and hospitality. All of these provided at an affordable price is what has endeared Puglia to couples from everywhere.

How much does it cost to get married in Puglia?

As we already mentioned earlier, Puglia is a cost-effective alternative to many other wedding destinations in Italy. That means you’ll find great packages for your celebration here at relatively lower prices than you would at other Italian cities. How much you eventually spend varies from venue to venue.
You’ll also find packages to cater to your number of guests and your theme. Depending on your requests, wedding details and other amenities, you should be able to plan your Puglia wedding without breaking the bank. With the right wedding planner, you can also get discounts and great deals at excellent prices.

How soon in advance to book a venue in Puglia?

Finding the right venue for your wedding is an important detail that you cannot overlook. Luckily, Puglia has many numerous options with their own unique charm. If you want to get the best, you have to start early with your search. Good wedding venues can get booked 1-2 years in advance, sometimes even earlier.
Working with a wedding planner who knows Puglia would also help. So, if you’re engaged, you should start looking for possible options and book as soon as you can. You don’t want to leave this till the last minute and have to settle for a venue you’re not too sure you like.

What is a Masseria?

When it comes to your wedding in Puglia, you’ve probably seen the word Masseria a couple of times. I’ve mentioned it a bit in this article too. If you’re wondering what it is, we’ve got you covered.
A Masseria is a fortified farmhouse that you’ll typically find in the Puglia region of Italy. They often date back to the 16th century consist of the landowner’s dwelling-house (generally located on the first floor), a place for farmers on the ground floor, stables, barns and tool barns.
Some of these masserie have been converted into luxurious villas where you can host your beautiful Italian wedding in Puglia.

Guest accommodation in Puglia

You’ll find many places to lodge your guests for your Wedding in Puglia. Puglia is a very popular holiday destination, so you won’t lack hotels and rooms to host your loved ones. Besides, most destination weddings are not very large events. This means most of your guests can stay in the same place. You’ll have lots of fun and can even schedule some prewedding activities together for more bonding time.

Finding local wedding suppliers in Puglia

It goes without saying that you'd only want to hire the best wedding suppliers for your wedding. Finding a quality and trusted local vendor such as a wedding photographer or a wedding videographer in Puglia like me, can be a big task especially when planning your wedding from abroad. Take a good look at their previous work and reviews if available and do speak to them prior to making a booking. There are a lot or experienced suppliers in the area that can help you plan your destination wedding in Apulia.


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