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How a videographer works

Sometimes we underestimate the personality and creativity of a Videographer. We think it’s easy to create a story of a day as important as Marriage. There are many aspects to consider when you choose a wedding videographer: Here is an example. A wedding video in Crotone with Antonia and Marco’s story, two souls who decided to get married in their city!

Antonia and Marco are two special guys who live by art, like me!

Together they have realized a great dream, that of open a theater school in Crotone.

When we first met, maybe, I didn’t make a good impression on them.

I have an open nature but, when it comes to work, I become precise and meticulous and perhaps this is not always understood.

Marco and Antonia immediately appreciated my videos. Above all Marco, music composer, appreciated my musical choices.

It was nice and relaxing to work for them, in fact they are a couple that lets you do your job without having great pretensions. They were 100% sure that they trusted the right person. And this is one of my goals: to make couples understand that I can be trusted!

wedding video crotone

Capocolonna’s Sanctuary An Amazing wedding location in Calabria

Antonia and Marco have chosen Capocolonna’s sanctuary to celebrate their wedding. A fantastic location, unique for a wedding video in Crotone! This Sanctuary, in fact, was born in the center of the temple dedicated to Hera Lacinia, a few steps from the only Doric column left standing. It also rises right on the sea of ​​Capo Colonna, famous throughout Calabria and Italy for its beauty!

wedding capocolonna sanctuary

The weather was very crazy that day, you went from the rain to the sun in a short time. But after the ceremony, the sun was in the sky! This gave me the opportunity to create a wonderful couple session!

In fact near the Sanctuary, we found a large wheat field, right next to the sea! The light was beautiful but above all Marco and Antonia were beautiful together!

Antonia wore a very sensual wedding dress, probably made to measure. It is essential to choose a wedding dress that reflects the soul and body of the bride.

Marco’s groom’s suit was a black tuxedo, very elegant and created by Carlo Pignatelli.


wedding video crotone

A unique and timeless wedding video

The secret to make your unique wedding video is to make yourself known to the videographer. In fact, I always want to know the couple, their story, their doubts and their certainties. This gives me the opportunity to make a unique wedding film, which tells the story of the couple I have before me!

Antonia decided that day to write a letter for Marco. In this letter there are all her thoughts and above all the things never said to Marco.

In fact many times we take for granted the love we feel for our partner and we forget to show him our love, every day!

Antonia, with her letter, wanted to recover all those unspoken words, especially during the time of marriage preparation!

It was exciting for me too to hear his words.

Marco instead, who did not expect all this, burst into tears.

I think all of us we would like to receive a declaration of this kind from our partner.


wedding videographer crotone

Wedding video in Crotone

I think that the video of Antonia and Marco will remember it forever! Two unique guys, who accepted my advice and were amazed by the result.

So if even you are tired of seeing the usual videos of boring weddings, ask for your quote through the contact form. Make your wedding video in Crotone, Calabria or throughout Italy.

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