Wedding video in Italy


Your wedding video in Italy

Getting married in Italy has always been one of the greatest dreams for those approaching the big step! This is why those born and raised in Italy consider themselves lucky.It is always a unique emotion to tell emotions in a wedding video in Italy!

This is the story of Anna and Antonio. Two kind and smiling souls who have chosen me as wedding videographer.

Antonio and Anna always smiles and for this reason we have tied each other since first time we met.

wedding video italy


When they told me their story, I realized that a beautiful wedding video would be born.

They were born and raised in a small town in southern Italy, but they had to move to the north of Italy.

When they talk about their land, their eyes shine.

Crotone is in fact a city located on the sea. So when you wake up in the morning, you immediately smell the scent of the sea.

Anna and Antonio are madly in love! And you understand this as soon as you see them together. Their complicity makes you understand how much love there is between them. There is not a moment of the day that they do not share.

Anna immediately fell in love with my videos and had no doubts about the choice of her wedding videographer. He told me from the beginning that he couldn’t wait to see himself in my film. The film that tells their love story.

wedding video in Italy

Wedding day

Antonio and Anna welcomed me both with a big smile that day.

Just that aspect that also characterizes me. In fact I approach weddings as fun and I always smile. (Even when some photographer makes me angry!)

At Antonio’s house there were two brothers (twins) and the father who are getting ready with him.

Real characters! In fact they made me laugh so much with their jokes.

Later, instead, her mother arrived, anxious about her hairstyle. But he couldn’t wait to help his son get dressed.

The groom’s suit, of fine workmanship, was made by Corneliani. They all know the elegance that this stylist transmits with his clothes.

wedding videographer in italy


At Anna’s house it was a chaos!

A hairdresser and make-up artist who fled everywhere.

Mom, sister and brother in full anxiety. In fact while Anna was getting ready, her brother calmly sipped a cup of coffee still in slippers.

There was an happiness air,  because Anna with his smile made everyone calmer.

I also felt at home!

I was speechless when I saw Anna’s wedding dress. It was a simple and elegant dress, made by Pronovias. In all ways it reflected the beauty of Anna and her soul!


wedding videography italy

The  ceremony

Antonio was on the altar when I arrived at the church. He seemed calm and could not wait to see Anna. It was all appearance though! In fact, as soon as Anna entered the church, Antonio started getting excited and laughing.

One of the most beautiful and exciting moments of the day! I will never forget her expression when she met Anna’s eyes.

This is why I decided to include this moment in the video, it was essential!


wedding videography italy

The wedding party

Arrived at the wonderful wedding venue, Anna and Antonio got rid of all the tensions and started dancing from the first moment.

This location was born inside an old oil mill in a 17th century farmhouse. With its refined cuisine it’s perfect for the most elegant weddings.

After a rich aperitif in the garden, Anna and Antonio opened the dances inside the lunchroom. The guests, apparently calm, went wild.

It’s always fun to film the funniest moments of the day. The Grooms and Brides never notice when I shoot them in spontaneous moments. In fact when I give them the video, as well as get excited, they laugh a lot!

At the end of the evening, the witnesses made a big surprise to Anna and Antonio.

Each of them wrote words to tell this great love story.

Needless to say, everyone they burst into tears.

These are beautiful moments to tell in a wedding video in Italy. The stories, the emotions, the memories and even the less beautiful moments.

I love these marriages full of emotions, cared for down to the smallest detail and certainly unconventional weddings!

wedding videography italy

Anna and Antonio’s wedding film is one of those videos that I will always carry in my heart.

And what are you waiting for to choose your wedding videographer?

Let me know your story and create the movie of your life!


Photography: Michele Cammariere 

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