We know how to narrate the wedding with newlyweds' same love

You are planning your wedding and you'd like to have an unforgettable memory of the most important day of your life?
The wedding video is an extraordinary way to relive your wedding day: recollecting that unique day's images you and your partner will re-experience all the emotions of that so intense day.
To me, being a wedding videographer in Italy means joining a couple's life for a few moments, knowing deeply the bride and the groom in order to transmit, through the video, the most beautiful and exciting moments of the wedding.
In this page I collected the best wedding video Italy I've realized during these years as a wedding videographer: this is my way to show you what really means to me to tell a story throughout a video.

More than just a wedding video

I love my job and when I record a wedding I give all of myself. Editing the video is without a doubt the most demanding part: assemblying most intense moments of the day, choosing the right music, adding some “talking” extract and ambient audio is so challenging. The result I give to the spouses is a 15-20 minutes real mini-movie, a cinematographic creation which includes all the emotions, the words, the key moments of the wedding: . much more than a simply video.

L’amore non ha confini! Love doesn’t have any boundaries! As a wedding videomaker it has already happened to travel abroad in order to follow couples in marvelous locations out of Italy. Similarly several foreign couples contacted me to record their wedding in our beatiful peninsula. Whether it is in Italy, in Europe or in other continents I find travelling and discovering different cultures so exciting: my goal is to make people feel through images spouses and guests’ sensations anywhere in the world. Find out more on me and my passions.

The best wedding venues

Needles to say: location is a very important part of a wedding. Usually the future spouses choose their location as the first thing in order to define other details as the catering, the videomaker, etc. Choosing a nice manor or a castle will make your wedding unforgettable, and will give the videomaker an unique scenography for the wedding video. Castello Monaci, Villa Zaira, Cala dei Balcani are some of the best locations where I had the luck to film wedding videos. Check out my advices for the perfect location.

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