Getting married in Italy - The miracle of our life


Valeria and Francesco celebrated their amazing wedding and I was their wedding videographer in Puglia! I often say that I am lucky to do this job. I feel lucky because I have the honor of being able to tell many true love stories! This is precisely the case of Valeria and Francesco. I’m talking about “Luckie” because meeting them made me a better person!  I suggest that you take the time to press play and watch the film. You can continue reading on to discover the full story of this wedding in Puglia. On this wedding I’ve had the chance to work with a great photographer like Leonardo Scarriglia. The photos on this page are his courtesy!

wedding videographer in puglia

A rather strange couple… For a rather strange wedding videographer!

I am a wedding videographer in Puglia a bit ‘strange compared to what we are used to know in Italy. When I meet a couple, I like to observe their behavior, see how they relate to each other and talk to each other a lot.

With Valeria and Francesco it was a bit hard to collect all the infotmations I needed right away. In fact, Valeria, however expansive and sunny a girl she may seem, is having difficulty expressing what she feels. Instead Francesco, speaks a little more more about himself and their history. Until a few months before the wedding I knew only their names and that I would have been their Wedding videographer in Puglia. Then slowly, with my stubbornness, I succeeded in my intent.

Together they are a strange couple and, if you don’t know them deeply, you may think that they are not well together. Instead, over time I learned to understand what Valeria wanted to tell me, with her slightly gruff ways. I understood that theirs is a very troubled story and together they took some time to understand that they were made to be together.

Just two days before the wedding I managed to gather many details useful to tell their story! And you can see it in the film above!


wedding videographer in puglia

Puglia, Italy is the best place to get married

The Puglia region becoming an ideal destination wedding locations. No Rome, No Tuscany, No Venice. Just lovely Puglia! In this stunning land you can realize the dream of your destination wedding in Puglia.

Puglia is Known for its wonderful landscape and sunsets. Here there are many places where you can sai “I DO”. They are mainly in the form of masseria, known as traditional farmhouses. So, in Puglia you can find even the most beautiful castles. Nothing to envy of the amazing Tuscany. I suggest that you can look more on my wedding blog


Destination wedding in Italy-Puglia

The importance of a wedding Videographer in Puglia

Valeria and Francesco looked perfect together. Their day was full of real emotions! The hug with their dad, smiles with the bridesmaids and the fun games during the party. If all these moments had not been imprinted in a wedding film, they would have gradually disappeared in memory. This is the reason why is recommended to hire the best wedding videographer in Puglia! The wedding videographer make sure that every single moment is remembered forever in your wedding video in Italy!

So, if you are planning your Destination wedding in Italy and particularly in Puglia, don’t hesitate to contact me NOW!