What happens when an Australian girl and a Georgian guy meet in Australia? Well, they decide to get married in Sicily, one of the most amazing destination wedding location! It's wonderful for me having the chance to work as a Destination Wedding Videographer in Sicily, such a beautiful part of the world! In fact, I get to meet amazing people from all over the world, and I can tell their love stories!

Destination wedding in Italy
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Elias and Lucy wedding in Salina Island

On this wedding I've had the chance to work with some great professional, Sebastien Boudot a photographer from France and Pasquale Mestizia a photographer from Tuscany. It was thanks to the latter that I had the opportunity to participate in this fantastic wedding in Salina Island. The photos on this page are a Sebastien Boudot Courtesy.

From Australia to Sicily for an elegant destination wedding

Recently, Elias and Lucy from Australia decided that they wanted a fun destination wedding. Having heard about the beautiful offerings of Sicily, they decided to hold their very special day out here! They decided that Sicily was the right place!

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There are some places in the world where the heart feels at home. Where you are part of an unbelievable experience. Sicily is one of those places. Where emotions really belong. Sicily is most beautiful countries in the world where couples can decide to say "I DO"

For this reason, Italy is a perfect location for your destination wedding!  That’s why so many people every year find themselves to hire a destination wedding videographer in Sicily!

Lucy & Elias, after viewing a thousand places like Tuscany, Puglia, Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, have decided to choose a fantastic location on the sea. Indeed, surrounded by the sea! They chose one of the most beautiful islands in Sicily, namely Salina Island.

destination wedding videographer italy

Why Salina Island for you destination wedding in Sicily?

Of course, beautiful scenery isn’t all that Salina Island has to offer. In truth, Salina Island has many benefits, which is why it's becoming one of the most highly recommended locations. Even though most people don’t know that it exists. Salina has two ports, Santa Marina and Rinella, served by ferries and hydrofoils. My colleague and I reached the island by hydrofoil from Milazzo. So, it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my destination wedding videographer career! (Especially if I remember that I suffer from seasickness. But on that occasion I gritted my teeth to make it!)

Elias and Lucy were so happy to find that Salina Island was every bit as brilliant as they hoped it would be. The weather was perfect, the scenery was gorgeous, and the local denizens were friendly and supportive, which is exactly what everyone deserves for their wedding day.

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A wonderful wedding venue: Principe di Salina in Malfa

They enjoyed their ceremony at the wedding venue known as “Principe di Salina”, which is a breathtaking venue that feels like you have slipped away to paradise! With sea breezes and citrus awakening your senses, and the blues of the sea, reds of the rocks and greens of the island setting a picturesque backdrop, Principe di Salina is the perfect place to create memories. Absolutely one of the best venues to get married in Sicily! Look at this wonderful video to enjoy this venue (click here).

Best venues to get married in sicily

The importance of a destination wedding videographer in Sicily

Well, I told you how beautiful it can be to get married in Sicily and how many wonderful places there are to do it! In Sicily you can breathe an air of joy and here, together with your relatives and friends, you can celebrate for many days.

But, how do you keep these memories imprinted in your heads and hearts?

The only thing you can do is choose the best destination wedding videographer in Italy! He will help you to make your memories indelible, even in 20 years. The National Association of Italian videographers, to which I have been a member for years, may help you in this choice. There are some great wedding videographers in Sicily and I'm proud to be part of this category. Being able to visit wonderful places in Italy, and beyond, has always been a great dream of mine. So, if you are planning to get married in Sicily or simply eloping there, I would be blessed to be your destination wedding videographer in Sicily! 

Well, now you just have to tell me your story, together we could make it a masterpiece.




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