Wedding videographer: the complete guide

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The proposal has arrived, the ring is beautiful but now we need to dedicate ourselves to organizing the wedding.
Location, catering, invitations, wedding videos …
wedding video yes or no?
If you are planning your wedding you will also be considering calling a videographer to shoot your wedding video.
There are so many questions that come up in your head.
Which wedding videographer should I choose?
How much does the wedding video cost?
Is the wedding video worth it?
If you are looking for answers to all these questions to understand if a wedding videomaker is the right one for you, you just have to read this article to the end.
Let’s start with the basics and try to understand who is the wedding videographer.

Here we are

The wedding videomaker or videographer is a professional figure that is becoming increasingly popular in the organization and services related to weddings.
More and more couples decide to rely on a professional videomaker in order to immortalize every moment of their wedding day to keep a vivid memory of the wedding.
If until a few years ago this task was entrusted perhaps at the last minute to a friend or relative in possession of a video camera but often with little familiarity with this tool, today the figure of the wedding videomaker is increasingly widespread and sought after by couples about to get married.
Now let’s get to the point: who is the wedding videomaker?
The wedding videomaker or videographer is a person who takes care of the shooting, editing and final delivery of the wedding video for work.
The videomaker can also make use of other collaborators to support him in the recordings on the wedding day or even for the post-production phase, in which the final wedding video is made.

It is important to specify, at this point, that the wedding videomaker is specialized in the processing of the wedding video and therefore his professional role is not to be confused with the wedding photographer, who “only” takes care of the shots during all phases of the wedding and the production of the so-called wedding photo album.

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At this point it seems right to answer the central question on the theme of the wedding video: why rely on a videomaker and decide to immortalize your wedding day with a video?
The first reason is certainly linked to the theme of remembrance.
Thanks to the wedding video, the most important day in a couple’s life can be seen and reviewed over time: a memory documented with professional footage and an exciting montage, a video to be shown also to children and grandchildren.
Are the photos not enough?
It’s true: the photographer never misses a wedding, author of unforgettable shots and the complete wedding album with the most beautiful and meaningful photos.
But do we want to talk about the wedding video? Video is now the most used and used communication tool nowadays: compared to photos, which always retain a certain charm, video tells something more and allows you to savor emotions, voices, even after many years. the sounds, the atmospheres in a unique way: it is difficult to give them up.
There are many other reasons to rely on a videographer to make the wedding video.
Here we want to finally talk to you about an aspect that is often not perceived by the couple who is organizing the wedding, that is the frenzy of the most important day.
Lots of things to think about, last-minute unforeseen events, guests to say goodbye, photos, banquets, wedding favors, the final party, strong emotions: the wedding day could not be richer in things to do and to which think.
It is inevitable that many moments, even very beautiful ones, can be forgotten because they are immediately pursued by many other intense emotions.

So what’s better than the wedding video that allows you to recover wonderful memories that would otherwise be lost?

With what has been said so far, we have understood who he is, what the wedding videographer does and what are the reasons in favor of making a wedding video.
We also understood the enormous importance of relying on a professional in this field.
The next question now arises spontaneously.
How to choose the videomaker for your wedding?
What factors to take into consideration to make this choice?
Once you have decided to rely on a videographer to make your wedding video, you will need to do a search to find the ideal professionist for your needs.
So it is essential at this stage to clarify your ideas and get to have in mind what you need.
Will the video maker have to shoot every moment of the day? Just the wedding ceremony? Or just the banquet and the party?
Where will these different moments take place?
Is the chosen location located in Italy (in which city or region) or abroad?
All these indications are very important for the evaluation of the right professionist as the choice can be directed to the videomaker with more experience for the needs you have.
This brings us to the second aspect concerning the choice of wedding videographer. This is a factor closely related to the first: the evaluation of the videomaker’s portfolio.
If we are talking to a professional videographer with some experience it will certainly be possible to view some of his works in order to evaluate different aspects:

-his style
-the locations in which he has already shot
-the quality of the footage
-the effectiveness of his post-production work

A chat with the videomaker will also make us understand, not only his technical-professional style, but also his sensitivity, his attention to detail and his availability.
These three factors, that might seem marginal, are to be put in reality on the same level as the more strictly professional ones and could make the difference in the choice of videographer with the same technical skills.

Speaking of suitable criteria to guide the choice between one videographer and the other, we must certainly also mention the cost of the service offered by the wedding videographer.
For this aspect, which is certainly important, it must be said that the choice cannot be oriented only to the lowest cost.
The amount of the professional’s fee must be correlated with the service offered, with his experience, with any expenses that the videographer has to incur for the creation of the wedding video (let’s think, by way of example, of the costs for the travel) and with the presence of a flanking troupe.
All these factors will certainly increase the cost of the service but in our opinion it is always important to make an evaluation in terms of quality-price before discarding a quote because it is deemed too high.

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We mentioned this in the part of this article dedicated to the criteria by which to choose a wedding videographer rather than another: we are talking about the costs of the wedding video.
This is certainly an important aspect when you decide to hire a videographer to shoot your wedding.
As mentioned, the cost of the video takes into account several aspects that should be kept in mind: the experience of the videomaker, the presence of collaborators, the machines and support tools used, his skills in shooting and editing.

It is therefore rather complex to be able to give a precise answer to the question: how much does a wedding video cost?
Our advice is to do a thorough research before choosing your wedding videomaker.
It is important to talk to several videographers and see many portfolio videos to understand each one’s style.
An interview with the wedding videomaker also allows you to understand if he works alone or if he is supported by other collaborators, If he is comfortable with certain locations and above all if he is keen to get in complete harmony with future spouses in order to transmit through the video all the sensations and emotions of the most important day for a couple.
We have already said it but we want to pass this message on: the harmony that the videomaker manages to create with the spouses and his sensitivity are elements that will be noticed in the final video and that will give him that little bit more.
With the acquisition of this information and with different quotes on the table, it will be easier for the spouses to get an overall idea of ​​the professional wedding videomarker and evaluate the adequacy of the prices offered.

As you probably know by now, I provide couples like you with wedding videography in Italy. If you want to know more about my films and my style then please get in touch!

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